New Launch | Vaccum Degreasing System
03 / 12

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Vapor Degreasing System, which utilizes vacuum technology for efficient and low-energy cleaning and drying of components under vacuum conditions. The integrated vacuum distiller offers multiple distillation modes to meet various production needs.

Cleaning Application:

  • Cleaning 3D IC package
  • Cleaning the bottom of BGA
  • Cleaning the bottom of FC
  • Cleaning low stand-off componentes
  • Suitable for multiple flux cleaning


  • Under vacuum conditions (p<50 mbar), the entire cycle is completed above the flash point (62 - 80°C).
  • Continuous distillation is adjustable based on the solvent.
  • Perfect low-vacuum drying.
  • Equipped with a precise filtering spray system to remove particles (25μm; optional 1 or 5μm).
  • Robust safety systems ensure high reliability of operation.
  • All cleaning processes are completed under vacuum conditions.
  • Excellent cleaning and drying results, even for complex-shaped parts such as blind holes or small, long drill holes.
  • No discharge, with minimal solvent loss in closed-loop operation.
  • The entire set of pipelines and tanks are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Optimized arrangement of tanks and distillation pipes for a compact design.
  • Standardly equipped with two solvent storage tanks and one distillation tank