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Semi-automatic Bonder PW22

The semi-automatic bonder PW22 is an ideal piece of equipment suitable for laboratory and small batch applications. It features easy operation and requires only blade replacement, and one bonding head can be used for either ball/wedge or wedge/wedge bonding modes. The convenient touchscreen interface allows for the exporting welding programs to flash drives for storage, with ample storage space available.

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Equipmeng features
  • Wedge bonding and ball bonding are supported, with wire diameters ranging from 17μm to 75μm for gold wire and 25μm X 250μm for golden ribbon
  • 8-inch LCD touchscreen.
  • Deep access bonding capability, with a maximum of 16mm for wedge bonding heads and 13mm for ball bonding.
  • Storage capacity for up to 100 programs.
  • Motor-driven Z/Y axis.
  • Editable wire loop.
  • USB backup, electronic control of ball diameter.
  • Compatible with wire diameters: Gold wire: 17-75μm, Aluminum wire: 17-75μm, Gold ribbon: Up to 25×250um.
  • Pick-up/Place option + Pull Testing option