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Through-hole forming machine THTF
Through-hole forming machine is mainly used in all kinds of aerospace axial component, the lead range can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the different needs of lead forming and lead cutting requirements; equipment for customers to do the pre-processing of axial component, easy to position, welding. The equipment is equipped with a display that shows the time of holding pressure in each direction, and the movement gap. It provides the best accuracy and consistency to complete the lead burr-free cutting.
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major function
  • Pneumatic mold press with 80mm cylinder and 50mm stroke cylinder
  • Double start button
  • Display showing the holding time and the time gap between movements
Equipment features
  • The surface of the formed part is ground to make the surface extremely smooth, reducing the scuffing of component lead
  • Cutting and forming accuracy of 0.05mm ensures high precision and consistency
  • Suitable for THT components, such as axial resistor parts
  • Quantity of 10-15 pieces can be formed each time
  • Equipment forming method: forming before cutting, the lead cut and form at a time.
  • The equipment mold is made of imported alloy steel; it can form and cut 100,000 times
  • After forming the component, the burr of the cut section is less than 0.05mm
  • Character facing up after forming