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PCBA cleaning machine Hydro-clean LTS
Remove flux or moderately soluble solder residue from PCB boards, remove fingerprint contamination during PCB manufacturing, and remove FOD. Clean misprints with complex components, clean before coating. Clean the tray and remove oil contamination from mechanical components.
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Cleaning applications
  • Remove flux or moderately soluble solder residue from PCB boards
  • Removing Handprint Pollution in PCB Manufacturing
  • Remove FOD
  • Cleaning misprints with complex components
  • Cleaning before coating
  • Cleaning the tray
  • Remove oil contamination from mechanical components
Equipment features
  • Fully closed-loop system, zero discharge
  • Large capacity, mass cleaning
  • Double layer PCB board fixture
  • Nozzle arm moves from left and right
  • Powerful heating and drying
  • Compatible with various chemical media
  • Spray in air without shadow
  • Double rinse is optional
  • Visual window for observing cleaning process
  • Multiple standard and customized PCBA fixtures
  • Up to 3 completely independent liquid closed-loop pipelines can be configured
  • High liquid utilization rate