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PCBA cleaning machine Hydro-clean LDS-S
Hydroclean LDS-S is mainly used for cleaning PCB assembly after soldering,  power devices and small mechanical components, as well as before PCB coating. A special filtering system with high flow rate, which can be set as closed-loop or open-loop in the software, and fist rinse system and second rinse system are completely independent. The Hydroclean LDS-S has the same cleaning capacity as the Hydroclean LDS, and can be configured with a single or twingo frame. It adopts modular design, which allows for easy access to standard cargo elevators and convenient product maintenance. There are two models available: single  cleaning capacity Hydroclean LDS-S1 and double cleaning capacity Hydroclean LDS-S2
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Cleaning applications
  • Remove various flux residues
  • Cleaning small mechanical components
  • Cleaning contaminants in PCB production, remove FOD
  • Clean high-density electronic components with low stand-off components, such as FC, BGA, CSP, BTC, QFN, MELF
  • Cleaning power devices
  • Cleaning sensitive components
  • Cleaning misprints with complex components
  • Cleaning before coating and bonding

Equipment features
  •   Fully closed-loop system,zero discharge
  •   Linear direct spray technology can achieve consistent cleaning results
  •   100% filtration of DI water
  •   Second rinse is optional
  •   Hot air knife drying
  •   Large process control visual window
  •   Multiple standard and customized PCBA fixtures
  •   Various stencil fixtures
  •   Completely independent liquid pipelines
  •   Low consumption of cleaning agents and DI water
  •   All process is equipped with liquid level sensors
  •   Excellent water utilization rate