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In-line cleaning machine Hydro-clean Array
This system is a printed circuit board cleaning system that combines excellent cleaning effects, low cleaning agent consumption, high efficiency drying, zero wastewater discharge, easy maintenance, and extremely short downtime. The Hydro clean Array is very suitable for RMA and non cleaning flux applications that require chemical agents, as well as for removing water-soluble organic acid flux.
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Cleaning applications
  • Cleaning PCB or PCBA
  • RMA and cleaning free flux applications that require chemical agents
  • Removing water-soluble organic acid flux

Equipment features
  • Unique cleaning technology that clean the bottom of low stand-off components
  • Unique sealing technology can reduce cleaning agent consumption by 50%
  • 100% filtration of DI water
  • Meet the cleaning requirements of lead-free processes
  • Easy disassembly and assembly of nozzle arm, saving maintenance costs
  • Efficient dual drying function
  • Humanized operation interface, system pressure, water level, and temperature shows in the software
  • Improve production efficiency with data recording and barcode functions