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Pneumatic DPAK component forming machine PFL/DPAK
Pneumatic Forming Machine PFL\DPAK is desined for forming DPAK component with adjustable forming parameters,it can form component into gull-wined shape. The equipment preprocesses the component for the customer, makes component easy to assemble, it is equipped with the pneumatic die press, could provide the best precision and the consistency, completes the component at the same time and forming.
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major function
Used for DPAK component molding, with adjustable molding parameters
Equipment features
  • The pneumatic molding press is consist of an 125mm cylinder, a 20mm piston rod and 40mm cylinder stroke
  • Double-start button
  • Air pressure meter and lighting
  • The accuracy of forming parameters is 0.02mm, make sure the highly accuracy and uniformity. 
  • For forming DPAK component 
  • Configured with a digital display high-precision differential head (Mitutoyo measuring tool) for standoff height adjustment. The standoff height can be adjusted within 0-5mm to meet different forming requirements. Conversion between metric and British system, easy to make