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Pneumatic Double-side Forming Machine - PFL
PFL can form various two-side and four-side pack chips into gull-winged shape, meets different requirements of lead forming and cutting. The equipment is cost-effective and suits for multi-varieties and small-batch production, such as research institute or university.
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major function

  • Chip ejector for easy access, avoid lead damage.
  • Smooth mold surface minimizes the scratch of leads.
  • Air pressure gauge and lighting
  • Slight scratches on gold layer but no damage to the bottom material of leads after forming.

Equipment features

  • Component body size:4x4mm-64x64mm
  • Stand-off height:0-5mm
  • Shoulder width:0.8mm(Customizable)
  • Footpad length:1.25(Customizable)
  • Radius angle:0.2(Customizable)
  • Burr ≤ 0.05 mm.