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Parylene coating system PDSV60

Parylene is a protective polymer material that uses vacuum vapor deposition technology to form a protective film. It has been widely used in various fields, including circuits, circuit components and components, microelectromechanical systems, and more. Micron level coatings can provide very reliable protection on the surface of printed circuit components, without causing damage to the substrate, and are beneficial for component heat dissipation. The Parylene vacuum coating system adopts a pressure closed-loop control for the deposition process and an automatic bonding force enhancement device to ensure the quality and consistency of Parylene deposition.

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major function
  • Automatic and manual dual operation modes, facilitating process testing and mass production
  • Closed loop control of the coating process to ensure the quality and consistency of the coating
  • Joint control of temperature and pressure can eliminate possible overshoot during initial heating
  • Increase system flexibility control function to meet special coating requirements and tests
  • Full computer control, Windows operating system
  • Graphical user interface, easy to operate, and intuitive display of device operation status
  • Automatic evaporation coating (AP) device realizes automatic evaporation coating of "silane coupling agent"
  • Stainless steel electropolishing process deposition chamber, sturdy and durable, easy to remove film
  • The sedimentation chamber is equipped with a guide plate to ensure uniform gas distribution and coating uniformity
  • The evaporation valve device can control the process of Parylene from evaporation to thermal cracking chamber
  • Operation status indicator lighthouse displays the equipment operation status
  • Monitor and protect the coating process through parameter and alarm settings