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Refrigerating and Warming Machine

The machine is designed for small batch and multi-varieties production, it helps to save labor and solve the trouble of manual record.

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Equipment features

  • Safety function, no need for guarding, automatic rewarming to the set temperature or room temperature
  • Perfect function, compact size, easy to place and use
  • Accurate control of refrigerating temperature and rewarming rate, not affected by seasonal or outdoor temperature, improving production quality and consistency.
  • Full data recording, convenient for quality control and tracking.
  • Communication port for data upload.
  • Minimum temperature storage

Technical Parameter
  • Dimensions:385mm×410mm×423mm L×W×H
  • Power:75W
  •  Cool storage:2~8℃
  •  Rewarming temp. - room temp.(25±3℃)
  •  Temp. control accuracy: ≤ 2℃
  •  Rewarming rate: 1℃/minadjustable