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Vapor degreasing system-Vapor SUI
The Vapor SUI is designed based on the cleaning requirements provided by customers and combined with our company's extensive cleaning application experience, for efficient cleaning electronic assemblies and precision mechanical components. The Vapor SUI is made of high-performance stainless steel, which can withstand heavy workloads and has safe and environment friendly performance, minimizing solvent loss and reducing equipment operating costs. Vapor SUI is a fully closed loop system, which will not discharge any waste.
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Cleaning applications
  • Bare chip cleaning
  • Cleaning of 3D packaging components
  • Micro gap ultra precision cleaning
  • SIP and microwave component cleaning
  • Cleaning before semiconductor packaging
  • Cleaning before PCBA coating
  • Clean electronic components with low stand-off components, such as FC, BGA, CSP, BTC, QFN, MELF, etc
  • Suitable for components that require water free cleaning
  • Factory that doesn't allow wastewater discharge

Equipment features
  • The third generation co-solvent cleaning solution
  • Unique spray under immersion technology, double flow cleaning technology, up to 500L/min 
  • Spray under immersion+Bubble+Basket oscillation, achieving ideal cleaning effect without ultrasonic (132kHz ultrasonic is optional)
  • Water free cleaning process, suitable for bare chip cleaning, capable of rinsing clean organics
  • Multiple cycles of vapor rinsing to improve process flexibility
  • Dual condensation system+dual sealing, strictly control solvent volatilization, user-friendly
  • The cleaning process can be flexibly set according to the cleaning requirment
  • Customized baskets and fixtures