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Vacuum Degreasing Syestem

Perfect solution for cleaning 3D IC package, cleaning low stand-off components, such as bottom of BGA, bottom of FC. The integrated vacuum distillation unit continuously prepares clean solvents, offering both continuous distillation mode and complete distillation mode options. The equipment can be managed through a computer and touchscreen control system, displaying process data, recording actual data, etc., making it intuitive, convenient, and easy to operate.

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Cleaning applications
  • Cleaning 3D IC package
  • Cleaning the bottom of BGA
  • Cleaning the bottom of FC
  • Cleaning low stand-off componentes
  • Suitable for multiple flux cleaning

Equipment features
  • Under vacuum conditions (p<50 mbar), the entire cycle is completed above the flash point (62 - 80°C).
  • Continuous distillation is adjustable based on the solvent.
  • Perfect low-vacuum drying.
  • Equipped with a precise filtering spray system to remove particles (25μm; optional 1 or 5μm).
  • Robust safety systems ensure high reliability of operation.
  • All cleaning processes are completed under vacuum conditions.
  • Excellent cleaning and drying results, even for complex-shaped parts such as blind holes or small, long drill holes.
  • No discharge, with minimal solvent loss in closed-loop operation.
  • The entire set of pipelines and tanks are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Optimized arrangement of tanks and distillation pipes for a compact design.
  • Standardly equipped with two solvent storage tanks and one distillation tank