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Lead Frame Cutter FR CUT
Remove the ceramic lead frame of component. Put the component into the positioning fixture and press the handle to remove the ceramic frame safely without any deformation and damage.
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major function
  • Configure dual start buttons to ensure safe operation
  • Equipped with air pressure display meter and lighting
  • The equipment adopts pneumatic cutting, with a 125mm cylinder and a stroke of 40mm
  • Adjustable according to body size, number of leads, and frame length
  • The  clamp can be adjusted according to the thickness of the ceramic frame to avoid damage to the main body or pins of the components

Equipment features

  • Dimension:L*W*H:280*260*430
  • Body size:5-64mm
  • Cutting width(Distance between body and frame):5-60mm
  • Frame thickness:0.3-2mm
  • Frame cut width:1-10mm