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DI-water system
The RO water treatment process is currently one of the most advanced processes in the world for producing high-purity deionized water. With low operating cost, economy, convenient operation, and reliability, it become the perfect choice for end user.  Our DI-water system could produce high-purity deionized water with electrical resistivity of 10 M Ω · cm. It can apply for electronic, pharmaceutical, or other industries.
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Cleaning applications
DI-water generator
Equipment features
  • Softening and removing Ca2+and Mg2+from water to prevent sedimentation;
  • Removal of heavy metals, synthetic detergents, and dechlorination;
  • Can obtain a resistivity of 10 M Ω · cm ³ Theoretical pure water;
  • The desalination rate after reverse osmosis treatment can reach over 98%;
  • It can automatically control the start and stop of the pump.