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Super tinning machine
Super Tinning is for THT and SMT component tinning and re-tinning applications. The system can automatically handle common and exotic components and connectors, including, but not limited to:QFP,flatpack, axial, discrete, BGA,PLCC,CLCC,DIP,SIP,capacitors, resistor and inductor components. The system can be configured with up to 8 possible stations: automatic loading and unloading station, visual positioning and detection station, flux station, preheat station, THT alloy removal station, THT tinning station, SMT alloy removal station and SMT tinning station.
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major function
  • X/Y/Z motion, and 360° rotation for superior solder performance.
  • Automatically complete the whole process
  • Precisely control of immersion depth and tinning time.
  • Automatic data record for quality tracing.
  • Data management and communication interface.
Equipment features
  • High Precision Screw Rod Motion / Repeatability +/-0.05mm.
  • X, Y, Z and Rotation motion, superior repeatability.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of SMT components.
  • Automatic center positioning and outline identification
  • Wide Process Control: solder temp, immersion depth, travel speed, dwell time, simultaneous moves
  • Agitation motion for effective alloy removal
  • Automated rotation for QFP
  • Automatic result detection
  • Nitrogen protection