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Automatic Forming Machine APFL
APFL adopts a precision servo electric forming press, equipped with adjustable bilateral forming molds, and connected to a computer as a data processing terminal. Relevant parameters can be adjusted to achieve high-precision forming. Can shape all flat packaging device pins (top, middle, and bottom).
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major function
  •    Automatic adjustment of molding mold size
  •    Precision pressure control
  •    Multi stage pressurization control
  •    Accurate Z-axis displacement control
  •    High precision pressure detection feedback
  •    Storage and call of process parameters
  •    Statistical analysis of processing data

Equipment features
  • Flexible universal mold applies to different sizes of chips. All kinds of two-side or four-side packages can be formed into gull-winged shape.
  • The standoff height can be set via computer and automatically adjusted.
  • The gold-plated surface of the leads will be slightly scratched after forming, but not damaged. There will be no indentation, crack or pit on the leads.
  •  Positioning accuracy of electric-servo press is 0.01mm.
  •  Mechanical arm for automatic pick-and-place. Movement precision is 0.02mm.
  •  Lead cutting length:0.8mm,1mm or other size(customizable)
  •  Shoulder width:0.5mm,0.75mm,1.0mm (customizable)